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Don’t Dream Your Life, Live Your Dreams
— Miasha

Miasha arrived on the literary scene in 2006 with her debut novel, Secret Society to raving reviews and an array of national press including BET, CBS, CN8 and The Wendy Williams Experience. Coined “A Writer to Watch” by Publisher’s Weekly, Miasha became just that. Featured in national magazines like EssenceVibePhiladelphia MagazineJet and later in Elle (the first urban literature author to grace the pages), Miasha has been very visible.

Her presence was felt even stronger just four months later when she released her top selling sophomore novel, Diary of a Mistress. Known for having extravagant release parties, the Diary of a Mistress launch included a fashion show and a comedy show featuring Kevin Hart. It is no wonder fans of Miasha’s have come to expect a high level of excitement and intrigue from the writer superstar.

In 2007, Miasha released her third title, Mommy’s Angel, a heartfelt drama close to home. Having grown up with both parents addicted to drugs, she wrote Mommy’s Angel at the early age of fourteen when she was able to channel the emotions the main character was going through in the book. This authenticity landed the book on the best sellers list and Miasha on the cover of Black Expressions. Less than a year later, Miasha celebrated the release of Sistah for Sale, a cinematic read about a girl growing up in Miami’s sex trade. Averaging two books a year, Miasha was making history in the literary industry—much the way she did when she first entered it.

Unlike many first time authors, particularly in the urban arena, Miasha did not have to self-publish before getting a deal. Instead, she garnered interest from several major publishing houses causing a bidding war to ensue. Publishing powerhouse Simon and Schuster was the highest bidder, granting Miasha a six-figure deal. Since then Miasha has been a trailblazer, putting out back-to-back best sellers, including a sequel to her first and most provocative novel, Secret Society titled Never Enough. Following Never Enough was Chaser, a story about a dangerous love triangle within the underworld of wreck chasing, and her most anticipated novel, ‘Til Death, the third installment to the Secret Society trilogy.

In addition to releasing seven titles under Simon and Schuster, Miasha contributed to Diamond Playgirls, an anthology published by Kensington Books. She also went on to release an eBook independently, titled The Return of Chatman; bringing forth the launch of her very own eBook publishing company, Fifth Avenue Entertainment. Through Fifth Avenue, Miasha not only publishes her own works but the digital works of top writers in urban fiction and in November 2010 she published the company's first paperback novel, When the Cake is Made, which she co-authored with Real Housewife of Atlanta, Lisa Wu Hartwell. The novel follows the lives of three women when they intertwine after three disaster weddings and a dress burning ceremony.

A vivid imagination and an extreme work ethic, Miasha has not just limited herself to books. In 2008 she and her husband Rich Coleman, produced the stage play adaptation of Secret Society. The show sold out every date and venue and went on tour in 2009. In 2010 she became the first author with an iPhone/Android app. Yet again Miasha has proven that dreams can come true despite adversities. And this mantra is what she promotes as heavily as she does her brand. Forming the Ask Miasha Foundation, which assists underprivileged youth academically, economically, and socially, Miasha is steadfast about giving back and encouraging people not to dream their lives but to live their dreams.

Recently, Miasha along with her husband Rich, embarked on a new journey in the world of boys fashion. Having two sons who like to mimic their father's style, it's always been hard finding clothes like Rich's for little boys. The couple decided to create their own. Rich Boys Brand, Inc. was established in 2013 and, the online destination for the trendiest boys clothing and accessories currently ships to tens of thousands of customers in over a dozen countries.

As Rich Boys became self-sustaining, Miasha returned to her first love and wrote a novella titled Swing, a mature twisted romance about the growing phenomena of swingers and sexually fluid couples and singles. Swing not only jolted Miasha back on top of the literary business, but it also placed her in front of a whole new audience who are hungry for more. Swing 2: Sex, Murder, and Mayhem is slated to release in late 2018.

Fashion forward, trendsetting, and a marketing genius, Miasha stands out in the book business for her style and promotions tactics as much as for her brilliant plot-twisting tales. But overall, she stands out as a dynamic individual whose intense efforts and hard work is displayed in everything she throws herself into from her businesses to her family, which is comprised of a husband and two sons.


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